Monday, 28 July 2014


Hi guys,

Today an outfit post with an all white outfit combined with black accessories. I have been in love with the skort trend ever since last year and am still absolutely in love with my white skort from zara! The perks of a short but the looks of a skirt, perfect! I also wore my hair in a fishtail braid which I am absolutely loving this summer! I've always loved this look but was never able to wear it myself since my hair wasn't long enough. Now I can finally make a decent looking braid so I'm making full use of it :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hi guys, 

Today a very comfy yet elegant outfit! We decided to go out for dinner as my dad would turn 49 at midnight. We went to a restaurant that was recommended by the hotel and Oh My! I have never eaten so good in my entire life! The food was to die for and the view was absolutely amazing! I'm personally not such a meat lover, but the way they prepared it was just delicious! So far in general, the food has been amazing here, as we have been trying out little local restaurants and local specialties. Btw the pictures were not taken at the restaurant, this was right before we left at our hotel ;)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hi guys, 

A few days ago, it was so warm, that I it was almost unbearable to lay in the sun for longer than 15 minutes, so I decided to just lay in the swimming pool all day long! Thus a little photo shoot was inevitable ;) Haha! I really love these pictures, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful! And these were only made with my brother's iPhone, can you imagine?  

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hi guys, 

Enjoy your lazy sunday! I'm going to lay back in the sun! Here some inspiration pictures that I absolutely love! 

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hi guys, 

As you might have read, I am currently spending my summer in Istrie, Croatia. However it is very close to the borders of Slovenia and Italy, so for our first night out with the family, we decided to go to Trieste, which lays in the northern part of Italy. I had never been there before, but the city looks really beautiful Big, beautiful buidlings, great little restaurants, lots of gelato and some nice little shopping areas. We only went for dinner and strolled around through the city, but we'll definitely come back to enjoy some shopping too! 

Since the temperatures were still very nice, I decided to wear a white jeans with a simple grey t-shirt, which I recently bought in Forever21. I combined it with my new bag and my favorite leopard slip ons! Perfect for a cosy family night out! 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Hi guys, 

Yesterday I had my very last presentation of my graduate career. I was quite nervous but in the end it went very well and since this is my last assignment and thus grade for my last year of University, I can say that I am officially graduated! The official ceremony won't be until the 27th of August but I can't be any happier. God these past three years flew by. It's as if it was yesterday that I was in high school celebrating my 17th birthday! However my days as a student aren't over yet as I will do a master next year in Londooooonn!! So excited about that as well! But okay, right now the outfit that I was wearing for my presentation. I wanted to wear something professional but not too boring or stiff and thus choose for a high waisted burgundy skirt combined with a simple white shirt and black heels. Initially I also wore my Pull & Bear blazer over it, but in the end it was too warm so I took it off. And oh, so cute, after everyone's presentation, if you passed it, you would get a pink rose! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hi guys, 

Yesterday the temperatures had luckily dropped to a normal and relaxing temperature so I could go outside and do some errands, go run, etc. again, after it had been extremely hot the day before. - Don't get me wrong - , I love it when it's 30 degrees, but when you're stuck in your apartment preparing a presentation for school with only a little fan to cool you down? Hmm yeah.. you get my point. Anyways yesterday the weather still nice so I wore a casual outfit. My new grey jeans which I bought in Bershka, my New Balance shoes - which after a year of standing in the closet have now become my absolute favorite sneakers - and my new basic top from Forever21 (shopping haul with all my summer purchases soon to come!). For the ones of you who are wondering where these pictures were taken, I was visiting my boyfriend in Amsterdam so I wanted to take advantage of some new and cool locations to use as a background. Especially since my outfit was quite simple, I wanted a background that would really stand out. This wall is from a nightclub called "Jimmy Woo" who change their wallpainting from time to time, depending on which special events are taking place. Since my boyfriend lives in the centre, I often pass by it and have always thought that the paintings were picture worthy ;) Lately it has been this panther, which I thought looked very cool! The colors look amazing on camera! What do you guys think?