Friday, 29 August 2014


Hi guys, 

Remember that in my blazer chic outfit post, I mentioned that for my summer job, the dresscode for all employees is all black? Well this was a day that I had to work. Of course, in the store itself I wasn't wearing my jacket nor scarf. I like all black outfit, just not for every day. But when I added my leather biker jacket and my skull scarf to add a pop of colour, my work outfit turned into an outfit that I would definitely wear on my day off  as well! This scarf is btw on of my favourite scarves and every fall or beginning of spring I take it out! I am a fan of skull in general so these items definitely suit my style!

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hi guys,

Remember how a few daysago I told you how I don't like to have too much "green" on my outfit pictures. Well a last week, I decided to go for a walk in the forest with my boyfriend in order to enjoy the nature and be a bit active. I decided to wear my fake leather leggings with my new sweater dress from Mango. Comfy whilst still looking nice! While we were walking my boyfriend asked me why I wasn't taking outfit pictures?!? (Since I normal beg and annoy everyone to "please take some pictures of me" haha) 1. I don't like green in my pictures and we we're surrounded by nothing else than green and 2. My mindset was on spotting little animals and having a sunday afternoon walk, which means no make up whatsoever (equals no picture time). But then I thought what the heck so I had a little au naturel photo shoot in the forest, explaining aallll the green in my pictures haha! I guess it doesn't hurt for just this once, with the sun shining and all, it actually looks quite nice I think :D 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hi guys, 

You probably don't know this but I am currently working in a clothing store in Antwerp as a summer job. Earning some extra money is very fun and all, but the store has a very strict dresscode which consists of wearing all black everything. Now you know that I love wearing black, however if you have to wear all black. everyday. then it becomes a bit boring after a while. I tried spicing things up by trying out different shoes (which I then got criticized for, because even the shoes need to be black), hairstyles and even lipsticks (totally out of my comfort zone). But still, I miss being able to wear all my other clothes and being creative by trying to create different outfits every time. Therefore on my day of, I was so happy that I had some errands to run, which I could "dress up" for. I called my brother and immediately asked if he could take photos haha! And this is the result. I call it blazer chic. I love these kinds of outfits and always go for this look when the weather is warm enough that I don't need a jacket but I can't wear a dress. Then I just pick a jeans, t-shirt and blazer. I don't know if you've noticed but I often mention how my outfit is simple yet classy/pretty/cool, etc. I think that's just my style. Simple but good. After all, "less is more" didn't become a fashion guideline for nothing ;)

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hi guys, 

After having seen outfits and shoplogs of my beautiful weekend in Rome, I wanted to share some random remaining pictures which I took whilst I was in Rome. Because literally every corner you look at and every building you pass by is breathtaking. Seriously, if you are ever wondering to which city to go for a short city trip, choose Rome! Great food, lots of sightseeing, nice people and just overall a great atmosphere!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hi guys, 

Today a second outfit post from Rome. The last day we decided to visit the Vatican and after we just strolled around the amazing city, eating in cute little restaurants and visiting some shops since we had already seen everything which we set out to do. When we arrived at the Vatican I was mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture and found it to be much bigger and impressive than I could remember! Unfortunately we didn't have time to wait in line for three hours or so in order to be able to get in, but we did take a good look and then continued to the bridge of the city which gave a beautiful view of the entire Vatican city. 

Today I was wearing an entire new outfit which I had bought in the morning when I actually went out to "just get one t-shirt" because I hadn't bring enough light t-shirt since the wether predictions hadn't been that great. However the sun shone bright in all three days and the temperatures were sky high! Of course my mission of buying one little t-shirt ended up in me buying 4 t-shirts and two skorts, so I decided to wear my new outfit! Later in the day my boyfriend bought me this cute little straw had, a type of hat that I have been wanting to buy for like the past 3-4 years, but never actually "dared" wearing it, until now. And oh I a so happy with it! Haha I was as happy as a baby that day! I also bought some more things, but you will see that one of the upcoming days in a fashion/beauty haul. Btw wow cute is the old Fiat 500 at the end of this post ?!!? :D

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hi guys, 

A week ago my boyfriend and I decided to do something crazy and booked a last minute trip to Rome! I had already been to Rome on a high school field trip three years ago and absolutely fell in love with the city! The buildings and architecture are so beautiful and of course the food and people are lovely as well! I also discovered that regarding fashion and beauty there are many cute little shops to be found! The weather was great and just like three years ago, I had a blast in this amazing city! Haha now that I think of it, I wouldn't mind living in Rome for a year or something, viva Italia!

The first day we had an 7AM flight so I wasn't really up for taking outfit pictures due to the lack of sleep and unoriginal outfit haha! But the second day we went through the whole city, visiting the Colosseum, taking a tour in a horse carriage, eating at piazza Navona and visiting the Fontana di Trevi! I wore a  light outfit - which was still too warm for the high temperatures - that consisted of my favourite destroyed jeans shorts, a simple white t-shirt, my leopard slip ons - which I later traded for flip flops -. 

Friday, 8 August 2014


Hi guys, 

Remember my outfit post from Trieste a few weeks ago? Well today I have one last outfit post for you guys from my time in Croatia before the pictures from Rome will be pouring in ;) This was from the second time we decided to visit Trieste in Italy due to the bad weather in Croatia, however unfortunately the weather in Italy wasn't much better. I was wearing a simple outfit, namely a blue jeans, white t-shirt and black blazer, perfect for a day of shopping. Only the flip flops were a bit too wet for my taste :D