Friday, 19 September 2014


Hi guys, 

Even though we are currently having a beautiful – after – summer, I can already feel fall approaching. The schools have started, people have gone back to work and overall the feeling of summer is slowly fading away. On the one hand it makes me sad as I am not looking forward to cold and rainy days. Especially since the summer in Belgium was so bad, I mean I didn’t even get to wear all my recently bought summer clothes! But on the other hand the image of hot chocolates, big fluffy scarves and cosy nights, watching series under a warm blanket with the rain hitting the windows, seem, in a way, appealing as well.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Hi guys, 

Two months ago, I came across this really cool DIY, of an item that I had been admiring for five years in one of my all time favourite shows: Gossip Girl. I always used to admire to awesome clothes and settings and every time, this painting of Prada Marfa, which hangs in the "Van Der Woodsens'" loft, used to caught my eye. In a DIY of one of the blogs I follow, it explained how you can easily copy this painting yourself. I doubted for a while, because it requires quite some precision work - which clumsy me isn't really suited for - but two weeks ago, I had a day off and decided to buy the utilities I need and started DIY-ing. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hi guys, 

About a week ago, I had my official graduation ceremony and received my Bachelor in Business Administration diploma. Of course I bought a special dress for the occasion, which I had found during my trip to Rome. I took some pictures during the day itself, but they were mostly with either my graduation gown on or with my friends and family, so I don't want to post those. Therefore I wanted to take a few pictures of my dress when we got home. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, it had already turned dark, so I asked my brother to take some pictures in our hallway instead haha. Of course the lighting was really bad (read: yellow), so while editing them I played around with some effects and ended up really liking the black and white one! It gives it this "effortless" touch. And I like experimenting and mixing things up a bit. I don't know. Anyways, I was wearing a black and white striped dress with my favorite Zara heels and Hermes clutch. I also decided to go to the hairdresser in the morning, so that he could give me those famous Victoria's Secret curls! I would love to curl my hair like that every day! Unfortunately my hair handles heat, chemicals etc. very bad and already damages so quickly without using any chemicals, let alone if I burn it with 220 degrees every day. Thus I can't, but for such a special occasion, I just had to break the rulezzz ;)